Q&A with Ronnie Cameron

Ronnie and Joe

We caught up with Ronnie Cameron, an ex-NFL star, who relies on juice for a healthy lifestyle and to fuel his workouts.

1.) When you were playing football, what improvements did you notice in your game when you started incorporating juices into your daily regimen?

When I incorporated juice, I always felt like I had more energy. It definitely made me feel a lot lighter and that I could move around for longer periods of time. It also helped my focus and mental clarity. The micronutrients from the juice definitely helped my vitality overall.

2.) What do you believe is the best juice to drink before working out? And how about after?

Before I work out I actually drink juice that may be higher in natural sugar — juices that include oranges, grapefruit, granny smith apples, pineapples. Fruits that spike your insulin levels giving you that extra energy to work out. After workouts I have a lot of vegetable based juices that help heal the body — kale, celery, cucumber and beets have great nutrients to heal overworked muscles.

3.) You’ve recently lost 35 lbs, please share how you did it!

I recently lost 35 pounds by changing my diet completely. After retiring from football I wanted to take off unnecessary weight. I went on a very low carb diet that included only fish, chicken, avocados, other healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. I cut all bread or wheat based starches. I wanted to cleanse my body of what it has gone through. I juiced three times a day and ate four moderate sized meals. I also took up running which helped a lot. I worked out often and the weight quickly fell. The juicing definitely kept my body in a state where it welcomed the weight loss and my higher energy levels helped me continue workouts

4.) How many juices do you drink in one day to supplement your healthy eating plan?

I drink 2-3 juices daily.

5.) For young athletes out there, what is the one piece of advice you would give them to stay healthy during their training and to have the best performance on the field/court?

Take care of your body, not only on the outside but more so on the inside. Eat the right foods and take the right vitamins. Putting on unnecessary and unhealthy weight doesn’t help anyone in their respective sports. Base your diet off of micronutrients, water and healthy fats and proteins. There is also a level of balance associated with being a high performance athlete. Make sure what you put into your body is aiding your performance not hindering it.

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