Q&A with Alex Jamieson

Alex Jamieson joined Joe on the set of the Joe Show: Good Mood Foods  and Plant-Powered Energy to show Joe how to make a Good Mood and Energizing Smoothies. Alex Jamieson is a professionally trained healthy gourmet chef and certified health and nutrition counselor. She is the creator and producer of the Rapid Refresh & Reboot program, which helps women around the world to lose their cravings and lead extraordinary lives.

We took a few moment on the set to ask Alex for her healthy kitchen and eating pointers.

What are the top 5 healthy pantry ingredients everyone should have?

  1. Good organic, cold-pressed olive oil (light sauté, dressings, drizzled on veggies, etc.)
  2. Raw organic nuts and seeds for snacks and adding crunch & protein to meals
  3. Clean water (invest in a good quality water filter)
  4. A variety of fresh, bulk herbs and spices (buy in bulk for cheaper organic herbs & spices, add flavor and variety to simple ingredients)
  5. Raw fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchee, pickles, etc. They are great for adding healthy probiotics and enzymes to any meal!

What do you say to someone who is a beginner in the kitchen?

Keep it simple! Get a few good cooking tools (1 stainless steel pot and large skillet with a lid that fits both, a sharp chef’s knife, a whisk, a wooden spoon, and a cutting board). And learn 1 new recipe a week. Don’t overwhelm yourself; just try one new thing a week. Perhaps on Friday night with a couple of good friends who know how to cook and enjoy sharing their skills!

What’s your favorite indulgence?

High quality loose leaf teas and dark, organic chocolates.

For people who are short on time and resources, what healthy eating tips would you suggest?

Cook ahead! My meal planning program Week in a Weekend teaches beginner-intermediate home cooks how to prep a whole week’s worth of food over the weekend:  http://www.alexandrajamieson.com/weekinaweekend/

Do you juice?

Yes! I juice, and make green smoothies, and I buy organic juices when I’m out and about or traveling!

Make sure to check out Alex’s recipes for a Good Mood Smoothie and a Chickpea Avacado Spinach Salad.

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