Purple Power Grape Juice

Purple foods are one of the hottest food trends for 2017, and with good reason—they are full of nutrients and powerful antioxidants and high in anti-aging and anti-disease compounds. Purple fruits and vegetables have a pigment that contains flavonoids, including resveratrol, which keeps blood pressure in control and boosts immunity from certain cancers. These purple […]

Workout to the Beet Juice

There are so many different things you can do with fruits and veggies – saute, roast, boil, steam, eat raw – and even if you don’t get to make a recipe you originally planned during the week, it’s no problem because there’s always a plan B with them so they don’t have to go to waste. And that’s juicing! Enjoy this replenishing and electrolyte-rich juice after your next sweat session.

Community Recipe: HeartBeet Juice

Our community member Reagyn Paige from Conroe, Texas shared a nutrient-rich juice with us that had our hearts “beeting” with antioxidants. Reagyn says, “Beets and celery make an amazing flavor combination. This one is really great to fortify the blood and get it pumping.” Thank you Reagyn!

In the Reboot Kitchen: Beet-Kale Juice

Loaded with beets, kale, oranges and carrots, this juice is packed with nutrients and folate (it contains approximately 240 mcg of folate per glass, which is more than half an adult’s daily folate requirement) It’s an excellent boost for me too since I am pregnant and my daughter Grace loved it! Get the recipe.