Reboot Success Stories

Hundreds of people around the world have shared their Rebooting success stories with us. We find them pretty inspiring and we want to be sure you see them too. Take a look at all the people just like you who have lost weight, reversed disease, cleared skin, gained energy and so much more. Their personal accounts may inspire you to become your own success story.

Jan R. Feels Reborn After Rebooting

After Rebooting, I lost 22 kilos/48 lbs. and according to my wife I became another person.

Archaegeo, 46, Reboots to Lose Weight and Gain Energy for His Newborn Daughter

My daughter was born in January, and it just didn’t seem fair to have her grow up with a Dad who was too fat to do things with her or chase her around the yard.

Success Story: At Age 30, Erin loses 25 Lbs and Overcomes Autoimmune Disorder

I suffered from an autoimmune disorder that left me tired, depressed and overweight. One night, I stumbled across “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”.

Success Story: Mia Overcomes an Unknown Illness and Restores Her Youth

I weighed 240 pounds and was suffering from chronic back pain and an unknown illness that the doctors were unable to diagnose.

At Age 44 with MS, Gus Finally Lost His Extra Weight after a 60 Day Reboot

At 44 years old with MS, Gus had no energy to lose weight. He decided to embark on a 60 day Reboot and was finally able to lose 30 lb.

Meeting Joe Inspired Lyndon to Lose Weight and Live Healthier for His Newborn Son

Joe gave me a copy of the movie and the inspiration I needed to take it to the next step.

A Chef’s Story on How He Lost 75 lbs

At 285lbs and 49 years old, my Doctor informed me my cholesterol was high, as was my blood pressure and that I was a hair away from Type II diabetes.

Patrick Lost 143 Lbs (65 Kilos), 14 Inches from His Waist and Cut His BMI in Half

I used to dread looking in a mirror or getting on a scale because it brought me instant shame. Today I do both regularly to be sure I never see that obese person ever again.

Husband and Wife Approach Rebooting as a Team Effort

We are both down 2 pant sizes and 1 shirt size so far. We recently have taken long walks without breaking a sweat or shortness of breath.

Joe V. Now Comfortably Rides on Roller Coasters with His Son

I was inspired to do a Reboot when my son and I wanted to go on a ride at our local amusement park. No big deal right?

Izzy O. Rebooted for 60 Days to Be a Role Model for His Newborn Son

My son was then born in Dec. 2012 and after realizing I would be no role model to him by living an unhealthy lifestyle, I took on the challenge to Reboot.

Johnathan Now Sees Fruits and Veggies as Little Miracles

Vegetables and Fruits truly are miracles! "Little miracles ready to transform people's lives." Read Johnathan's journey of transformation while on a Reboot.