3 People Share Their Powerful Diabetes Guided Reboot Stories

Our Guided Reboot for Diabetes is a two-month commitment, but you’ll be astonished at how powerful this program can be. When you have diabetes or perdiabetes, it can feel as though regaining control of your weight and health is a Herculean task—but with the help of our expert coaches and the community support, you can take charge of your condition. Along the way, you’ll discover untapped energy, break unhealthy eating habits and lose weight.

Here, three people share how the 60-Day Guided Reboot for Diabetes transformed their health and well being.

“My sugar numbers leveled out and I no longer take Metformin.”

CheriA recovering addict and alcoholic, Cheri describes herself as having poor habits and a reckless relationship with food. “I tried to make changes and learn better eating patterns by myself and finally decided I would do better with a support system in place.” Ultimately, she choose the 60-Day Guided Reboot, where she “made progress that has lasted beyond the [R]eboot.”

Cheri identifies the webinars as the biggest advantage: “I learned about processes the body goes through that I didn’t understand before. Making sense of it all was important to me if I was going to make permanent changes to live with.” Cheri describes her health after the Reboot: “My sugar numbers leveled out and I no longer take Metformin. I sleep so much better and my skin and hair has gone from itchy and dry to moist and silky.  My nails are firmer, I no longer use antacids for heartburn and my friends and family continue making comments about my healthier glowing look.” Both during the Reboot, and in the months following it, Cheri says, “My mind simply became sharper, my priorities clearer and in general I have a greater feeling of peace.”

“My biggest takeaway from all this is that I CAN DO IT”

During her Guided Reboot, Amy lost 30 pounds. Now, she has “a much better understanding of the underlying physiology of diabetes and now I am equipped with knowledge of things that I can truly do to live a healthier life….The homework near the beginning of the reboot with Kelly McGonigal was literally life changing for me.”

The support from Rhaya, Reboot’s diabetes expert, was also invaluable throughout the Guided Reboot. “I never would have made it past the first week on my own. I would have quit when the cravings were soooo deep and hard. I remember literally trembling because I had such intense cravings. That hasn’t happened in weeks. I have never felt so empowered, and I know that would not have happened without the support from the other members of the group and also from [Rhaya],” says Amy.

“My experience with the 60-day Guided Diabetes Reboot far exceeded my expectations.”

StacyStacy’s story shows that you don’t need to have diabetes to meet with success. She chose the Guided Reboot because “it was clear that this would be an in-depth program, and the weekly webinars would help me build what I was learning into my daily routine. I also liked the idea of being part of a group all starting at the same time, under the watchful eye of a coach.”

Stacy describes Rhaya, her Guided Reboot Coach, as “the best of the best. She is everything you would want a coach to be.  She has a way of taking complex and confusing topics, and presenting them in language that is meaningful and memorable. I often catch myself thinking about something Rhaya spoke of when I am confronted with obstacles.”

During her Guided Reboot, Stacy lost 27 pounds. Post Reboot, she says, “I now have a different relationship with food, and when I begin to feel myself falling back into old patterns, I always know that I can do a short reboot to regain balance….I know that when I juice, I feel better and I make better decisions…and I have never felt so vibrant and healthy.”

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