How to Get Motivated for 2017

The beginning of 2017 may include a range of New Year’s resolutions that you would like to achieve in the coming year. Exercise, losing weight, saving money, work-life balance, eating healthy are some of the top resolutions for many, but what stops us from achieving these goals? Stress and other commitments often make people fall down on their resolutions. But a lack of motivation is also a big factor, and one that’s often coupled with a list of excuses for why you can’t achieve your resolutions.

It’s easy to feel unmotivated when your long-term goals don’t lead to instant benefits. It can like your goals are truly unattainable. But this mindset needs to change in order to be more successful. We all get busy, but it’s important to always make the time to commit to your big goals and resolutions! What can you do to improve your motivation today and beyond?

Rearrange Your Thoughts

See and visualize what healthy changes bring to the table immediately. Each step is closer to the end result — after all, one pound lost is still one less pound and one pound closer to your goal.

Learn to concentrate on the immediate benefits rather than the negatives. People put off making changes because they think about the boredom, muscle aches and pains, deprivation and suffering that is caused, rather than concentrate on the positive.  Try to imagine the gains that are experienced straight away, such as exercise brings instant feel-good hormones and greater energy levels while dietary changes brings clear thoughts and wellbeing.

In one study they found that only 17 percent of Americans exercised daily, although they also found that once having exercised, 53 percent of people said they felt good about themselves after working out, 30 percent experienced less stress and 35 percent said they were in a good mood after exercising.

The planning process of making changes may include anticipation of how you might feel, what you may experience and how much you don’t want to do it. This can be the norm for what you might do each and every time you attempt to make those changes and it will put you off.

It has been found that people who feel motivated and continue to stick to a goal concentrate on how they feel internally at the time of the action rather than concentrating on how they will feel afterwards or how they will benefit externally later.

Focus on the immediate gain as your planning out your health changes:

  • Feeling happier
  • Immediate mood booster
  • Feeling lighter
  • Feeling energised
  • Having fun while you commit to your changes

All too often, we anticipate the negatives so make those changes mentally to support your motivation. That way, your health changes are more likely to be made with consistent action.

Time Is Everything

Pick the time of the day where you know your motivation is at its highest. This might be in the morning when energy levels for many are at their highest and the chaos of the day is at the lowest or this may be the other way around for you.

Motivational Music

This may mean you start a dance party off when you preparing meals ahead of time or getting into your workout! Pick the type of music that really gets you moving!

Motivational Movies, Books and Audiobooks

Joe’s documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead has motivated hundreds of thousands of people to commit to a reboot. Choose what motivates you and play it over to yourself to keep motivated.

Read Success Stories

Seeing someone else’s success always helps us when starting a reboot or committing to an exercise program. If they can do it so can you! Check out our Reboot success stories.

Know Your Limits

It’s easy to push ourselves hard in the beginning but it’s more productive to make the changes as comfortable as possible while still committing to them. Exercise is a good example, do what’s comfortable and as you get fitter you will find it easier to go further or harder. Prepare ahead of time and freeze healthy meals if you know a busy time is coming up! Nothing stops a determined person!


A health practitioner, an online community, a partner or a journal can all be excellent aids to keep you going. It’s normal to have flagging moments when you lose motivation but these extra incentives will keep you going when its most needed.