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If you are interested in participating in Joe’s follow-up feature film, now is your chance. Please submit a video according to the following instructions and if we include your video in the final cut of Joe’s next feature film, you will receive a new Breville/Sage Juicer.

Answer these questions based on your own personal feelings and experiences. Your response to each one can be as long or as short as you wish. Please start each response with a complete sentence, and try to respond to all of them, but you can skip any that you feel unable to meaningfully answer. There are no right or wrong answers, we are looking for your individual input on these topics. Please note that the word “diet” as used here refers to general food intake and not specifically a weight-loss program.

Deadline for submission is Feb. 19th 2014

Before the Reboot

  • Do you think (know?) that fruits & vegetables are good for you?
  • Sometimes it’s hard to eat fruits & vegetables because…
  • I decided I needed to get healthy because…

During the Reboot

  • The hardest part of my reboot was…
  • For the first couple days of my reboot I felt ______ but by the end I felt _______

After the Reboot

  • One rule I made that helps me stay healthy is…
  • If you stray from a healthy diet, how do you get back on track?
  • Since doing a reboot, how has your diet changed?
  • [read as “After my reboot, I…” for example “After my reboot, I have stopped eating peanut m&m’s on the train home every day”]

  • Since doing a reboot have you connected with other health conscious people in your local area?

Reboot Community

  • I heard about Fat Sick & Nearly Dead from ________
  • My support system is _______
  • Having a support system in place is ___________

You can also download and print these questions.

Submit your Video

By submitting your video, you grant Reboot USA, LLC and its affiliates a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide license and right to use such content (including your image, voice and story as contained in such content) for its commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Here are some helpful hints to make sure you shoot a video that we can use:

  • Shoot everything in landscape mode
  • Try to shoot in natural sunlight (by a window or on a porch), but not necessarily in direct sunlight
  • Avoid shooting in bathrooms or basements with low ceilings and fluorescent lights
  • Don’t stand with bright light behind you (either a lamp or the sun)
  • Keep background noise to a minimum. Turn off any music and avoid busy streets or construction sites
  • Shoot in HD, preferably in 1080 24p mode, but 720 24p is ok. Avoid interlaced modes, anything with an “i” in it (ex. 60i) If you don’t have 24p, then 30p or 60p is next best
  • Avoid trying to do too much editing on your own. If you have pictures or video you want to add to your piece, send them along with your main clip.
  • Do not put titles, watermarks or graphics on the image! We’ll add any words or names.
  • Do not put music under your video.
  • Avoid shooting into mirrors or holding the camera up yourself. Put your camera on a tripod or rest it against something works best, or have someone else hold it for you!