Juicing Became Teonna’s New Normal — and Helped Her Lose Over 150 Pounds

Teonna Baker has a remarkable story: Juicing helped her lose more than 100 pounds, and gain greater health. She shares her experience below (and, for more insight, be sure to watch her conversation with Joe Cross!)

Teonna’s Results

  • Lost 160 pounds
  • Off all medications
  • Excellent numbers at doctor check-ups

My starting weight was 332.

This was the weight that got me to to realize I finally lost control. I watched my weight go up and up each time I went to the hospital, which was at least once a week.

My most horrific incident at the doctor’s office was what made me finally break.  The doctor was doing a full examination and had to lift the fat on my stomach to check under it for pain. Even today, this memory still makes me want to cry. I was mortified. Embarrassed and above all disgusted with myself. I didn’t even realize I was that big.

Through the years I tried to find was to be comfortable with being bigger but I didn’t realize I was technically fat. I was tired of being fat! I was tired of being sick. I was just slowly killing myself.

I juiced 90 percent of my meals.

January 2018 was finally time to create a new normal with no crap going into my body and as painful as it was, I had to start working out.

My first year I juiced 90 percent of my meals. I carried juice everywhere. I remember watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead in 2014. I had just had my fourth child then and I remembered doing a 40-day fast then and losing 40 pounds. But back then I wasn’t ready to commit. I did 40 days but didn’t want to continue.

I juiced everything.

So this time, I decided to go all in and continue this time. By my fourth month I was already down 60 pounds and off every med that I had been taking the last year. My numbers were perfect when I went to the doctors and I didn’t need to go every week now.

I juiced everything. I juiced so much I had my 4-year-old juicing. My 16-year-old was juicing and lastly my husband jumped in. I got the whole family on board.

I carried bottles everywhere. I remember in the beginning always thinking, no one would know if I stopped to get fast food. But I would know and that didn’t sit well with me.

For accountability I made sure I posted my journey on social media. If I failed everyone would know.

I had to do whatever it took to get me right. I juiced. I posted. I juiced and posted. I blew through three juicers in one month until I found the right one. I ate palm-sized portions when I choose to eat but my meals were really just juice. So many different juices.

Some juices were wasted that first year as I learned my way, others I demolished. They were so amazingly delicious. I learned what I liked and didn’t that whole year. I made sure I didn’t buy myself things when I went out. I found pretty bottles to keep me excited about carrying juice everywhere. I did whatever it took to not buy anything to eat even when I took the kids out. It was a struggle some days but overall as time went on it became my normal. I was to invested at this point.

By the end of year one with incorporating vegan and 90 percent juicing I was down 100 pounds.

I learned balance.

By time year two came I knew I had to make a change. It was time to start eating more and it was a struggle. The first month I reintroduce myself to bread and caught myself binging bread every time I had bagels. I saw my problem and knew I had to do something. I had to teach myself a balance. So I told myself if I had sweets one day, I had to juice the next. If I ate a meal that had bread my green intake had to be double the amount. I couldn’t go any day without juicing still but I didn’t juice as much.

I had to learn this balance and to help that balance I started fasting. Nothing between 6 pm and 9 am. I stuck with that pretty much my whole second year. So now I juiced 50 to 60 percent of my meals. I had solid vegan meals (raw vegan) and was fasting. On top of that, I was working out daily.

Some days I could eat whatever I desired knowing the next day I had to juice. Some days I would have a bad day because I’m human but I knew I had to juice the next day. I just found my way. I taught myself a way that fits me from someone I watched on a documentary that changed my life.  I was patient and kept going. I created a new normal for me because the old way wasn’t working. I was tired of me and so I made the change and I have no regrets.

I still juice daily.

Now the workouts were a different story. Because I lost all the weight from becoming healthier I was able to become a spin and bootcamp instructor. It’s amazing.  But as far as what I put in my body, I would have never thought about juicing if it wasn’t for that documentary.

I’m in the third year of my journey and I’m still juicing and introducing everyone to juicing and its benefits. It’s been an amazing experience.

I started off at 332 pounds, and now weigh in the 170s.

Started off at 332. I now sit in the 170’s. I’ve had ABSOLUTELY NO SURGERIES DONE. I still juice daily. I teach others how to juice. I make juices. I’ve gotten my family into it. My husband has has lost weight because I got him into it. It’s just amazing. It’s really changed my life. I thank you for allowing me to share my story.

Want to learn more about Teonna’s juicing experience? Watch her conversation with Joe Cross. 

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.