Join Joe’s Juice It to Lose It Challenge This September

Are you looking to start juicing for the very first time? Or are you a juicing pro who could use a bit of motivation and support? Whether you’re experienced or new to juicing, our Juice It to Lose It Challenge can help you get over the hurdles preventing you from meeting your weight and health goals. Here’s what we know at Reboot with Joe: The right time to get started improving your diet and health is right now. This 5-day community challenge will boost health and energy, and also help you lose weight.

What’s the Juice It to Lose It Challenge?

During the 5-Day Juice It to Lose It Challenge, thousands of people join together for 5 super-healthy days of fresh juice. (During our last Challenge, we had 25,000 participants!)

Together, we’ll follow along with Joe’s Juice It to Lose It book. Daily emails will share exercises and more motivational tips. And you won’t be alone: As well as the community of Rebooters juicing along with you, our nutritionists will offer advice and support during your juicing challenge.

This challenge will jump-start your weight loss goals, and at the end of this five days, you’ll be your happier, healthier and more energized than you ever thought possible

Why Should I Join the Challenge?

With thousands of people juicing at the same time, it’s easy to stay motivated and committed to the challenge. Here’s some of the benefits you’ll get when you sign up for the challenge:

  • Transition-In Tips to help you prepare your body for the Reboot
  • Reboot Boosters to maximize success
  • Guidance from Reboot nutritionists
  • Daily encouragement from Joe and thousands of other Rebooters who will be joining you
  • Inspiring success stories
  • Chances to win private consultations with Reboot nutritionists
  • A chance to win a private call with Joe himself!

This challenge is flexible, too. If juicing for five days in a row sounds intimidating, choose the Juice + Dinner option — here, you’ll juice throughout the day, then enjoy a plant-based evening meal.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy — just sign up for the challenge here! The challenge kicks off on Monday, September 12, and we’ll send you emails beforehand to help you prepare.

Don’t forget to tell your friends, too. You can share that you’ve signed up for the challenge on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter using the hashtag #Juice2Lose.

BONUS PRIZES: Only those who signed up for the Challenge prior to September 11 will be eligible for our prizes. Each day of the Challenge, you’ll have a chance to win one of five 45-minute phone consultations with a Reboot Nutritionist. And everyone who signs up will be entered to win the Grand Prize: A 45-minute phone consultation with a Reboot Nutritionist PLUS a personal phone call from Joe Cross!