Fun with ‘Fully Charged’ in the Cali Sun

At the end of last week, I was on the west coast in San Diego and Huntington Beach for more Reboot with Joe Fully Charged book tour events. It’s always refreshing to be in California sunshine, especially when I get to meet nearly 300 people who came out to show their support of my new book. What I have found so incredible about this tour is that there are so many people in every crowd who are their own success stories. Sometimes I think I need to just sit down and be a part of the audience so we can all hear from these inspiring people! Enjoy a few of the photos from these events. I’ll catch you up on my event at Macy’s in Philadelphia and New York City these last couple of days tomorrow.

San Diego – Barnes & Noble

Thanks to Barnes & Noble for hosting another well-organized event with a great turn out. I’m loving the palm trees in this photo!

San Diego B&N

Hats off to Charlie, an amazing success story — 82 pounds in 62 days! Charlie even inspired his family members to juice!

Charlie Success Story

This is CJ. She has seen amazing improvements in her 1 year old son who was born with a few abnormalities, but since introducing juice into his diet, his cognitive abilities have dramatically improved! Thanks for sharing CJ!


CJ - IMprovements in Son

This little guy told me he loves making juice at home with his Mom. Now that’s special!

John Helps Make Juice at Home

Pablo  and Jazmin Cabrera Drove 125 miles from central Cali to get to the event!

Pablo and Jazmin


Huntington Beach – Barnes & Noble

Thanks to everyone who came to the event and of course to Barnes & Noble. We had a packed house — standing room only!
B&N Standing Room Only

Brenda and Michael are on day 19 of their Reboot — they lost 20 pounds each and are doing this together. It’s awesome to have each other for support! Brenda even made her own shirt we loved it – Keep Calm and Juice On!=)

Brenda and Michael

Carolina is on her juice Reboot and has lost 25 pounds! Keep up the awesome work Carolina!

Carolina Success

Cody, fantastic work mate – 85 pounds in 60 days!

Cody -- Down 85 Pounds in 60 days

WOW Michelle Myhro has dramatically changed her life and lost over 100 pounds!

Michelle Over 100 Pounds

Sergio is down 30 pounds and is looking to keep going! Keep up the great work Sergio!

Sergio Down 30 Pounds