Do you dread cold and flu season? Are you prone to the sniffles? When you get sick, does it linger on (and on and on)? These are all tip-offs that your immune system may be weak.

The good news? You can strengthen it! Simple changes to diet and lifestyle can boost immune health, helping your body to ward off seasonal sickness. Below, Reboot nutritionist and Guided Reboot coach Abby Hueber shares her top prevention strategies, including specific steps you can take now before the sniffles kick in. In addition, she discusses how a Guided Reboot can build your immune system and keep colds away this year.

So, if you’re ready for a strong and healthy fall, watch (and juice!) on!

Your Lifestyle Matters

The way we treat our body — from the stress we endure to the amount of rest and exercise we get — has a massive impact on our immune system. Learn the telltale signs that may identify a weakened immune system.

We Are What We Eat

The old saying is true: You get out what you put in. So if you consistently eat processed foods, lean on sugar and drink alcohol frequently, your immune system will struggle to keep you healthy. Guided Reboot Coach Abby will help you understand different strategies to boost your immune system, including juicing; a great way to flood your body with valuable nutrients and vitamins that it needs to stay healthy.

Your Gut’s Major Role in Immune Health

Surprise! What’s going on in the gut plays an outsized role in how well our immune system functions. Learn why the gut is our guide to health, and ways to support the gut cells that ensure only good bacteria can thrive — stopping bad bacteria from finding a home.

Why Now?

Of course, immune health is important year round, but we know this time of year the frequency of colds and flu goes up, whether because of the temperature dropping during winter months or the tendency for people to spend more time inside in close quarters. The actions we take now can help us get ahead of these seasonal sicknesses.

What is a Guided Reboot?

A Guided Reboot is a nutritionist-led program, with online meetings and forums, where you’ll commit to juicing and a healthy, plant-based meal plan for a set number of days. You’ll get recipes, meal plans and shopping lists to help steer you through the program — but more than that, you’ll get valuable support from your coach and inspiration from fellow Rebooters. The juices and meals you’ll have during a Guided Reboot are designed to help boost your health, flooding your body with the nutrients and vitamins it craves.

Our next Immune Boosting 30-Day Guided Reboot starts October 13th and October 27th and the15-Day starting October 20th.

Learn more about the Guided Reboot.