Camp Reboot FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Who’s ready to learn more about our third annual Camp Reboot?! On July 26th – July 31st, you can spend  your vacation juicing with Joe Cross on a 5-day Reboot in the beautiful setting of the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY with hundreds of other Rebooters with similar health goals. It’s going to be a week of positive change and plenty of juices flowing, but we understand you may still have questions before committing to this opportunity. We’ve gathered the most common questions and answers you can review before signing up. Also, watch our video that gives you a firsthand look into this life-changing week of Rebooting fun.

Q: What can I expect in terms of accommodations?
A: Set on a peaceful lake in Rhinebeck, New York, Omega’s verdant campus is the perfect place to Reboot, offering a variety of accommodations for a variety of budgets, 200+ hundred acres to roam for personal meditation and relaxing, yoga and fitness facilities, and a wellness center where you can treat yourself to a massage. Please see more information.

Q: How much does Camp Reboot cost?
A: $925 tuition covers everything but lodging — all workshops, activities, all juices (and food), workshop materials plus a take home goodie bag (valued at $100). Lodging is extra and ranges from $133 per night to $225 per night.

Q: How do I get to the Omega Institute?
A: By car, by Amtrak to Rhinebeck/Rhinecliff station, by bus from New York City’s Penn Station or by plane. Omega runs a limited shuttle from Stewart Airport in Newburgh, NY. For more information on transportation options, see Omega’s transportation information.

Q: What will a day at Camp Reboot look like?
A: A typical day looks like this:

  • Get up and enjoy an optional yoga, tai chi, or meditation classes (provided by Omega staff)
  • Get your breakfast juice and head to the Main Hall to meet your coach and then participate in workshops lead by Joe Cross and the Reboot Medical Advisory Board.
  • Take a break, enjoy some juice, head back to workshop #2
  • Have another juice, take a walk, lie in a hammock, or enjoy one of the afternoon activities: book signing with Joe, optional electives, a group workout in the field and on Thursday compete in the annual “Juice Off” for a chance to win a Breville Juicer!
  • Have your dinner juice, watch a one of Joe’s favorite movies or take part in one of Omega’s sampler classes
  • Grab your bottle of dessert juice and get some rest

Workshops consist of presentations, panel discussions, Q&A and break-out groups with your Camp Reboot coach.

The specific schedule including check-in and check out times can be viewed on the Omega website.

Q: What type of exercise will be available? Will I have to participate in it?
A: This is Camp Reboot not Boot Camp! You have the option to partake in light exercise. Omega has yoga, tai chi and meditation classes throughout the day.  Reboot fitness coaches will be teaching you Reboot specific strength training exercises and leading optional light walks, beginners running, and stretching classes.  They will also be available to adjust exercises to your specific needs.

Q:  What kind of withdrawals and side effects should I expect?
A:  A Reboot offers tremendous benefits, but you should also be aware of potential side effects. These include but are not limited to: fatigue, headache, low blood sugar, constipation or diarrhea, increased body odor or bad breath. Most of these side effects are temporary. Increasing your fluid intake can alleviate many of these symptoms. Our nutritionists will be available to help coach you through the side effects. We will also be providing transition in diets through our Community Page for you to follow prior to joining us at Camp Reboot that are designed to lessen the side effects in the first few days of your Reboot.

Q: I’m concerned I won’t be able to stay motivated and finish what I started. What type of support does Camp Reboot offer?
A: You will have support in all facets of the camp. Not only will Joe be there to support you and encourage you to keep going, but there will be trained nutritionists, medical doctors, health coaches, Reboot staff members and other Reboot success stories who have been through exactly what you will experience. All of your juices/meals are made for you in Omega’s cafe so you will not be tempted to indulge in unhealthy foods. You will work with a wellness coach who will closely cater to your needs. The network of other Rebooters around you will also be a main source for support as you will work together to be successful on your Reboot. And Team Reboot will do a check in webinar a month after Camp Reboot to see how you are doing and answer any questions you have.

Q: I am nervous about attending alone. Will it be easy to interact with other Camp Rebooters?
A: Don’t be anxious! There are many other people there who will be attending alone as well. We hope you’ll join our closed online group prior to Camp Reboot so you’ll get to know some you fellow Camp Rebooters. We will also have optional icebreakers and group activities as well as plenty of solo activities and relaxation time for introverts.

Q: What if I don’t like the taste of the juices?
A: We will have a variety of juices you will be able to enjoy – and they are the most well-liked juices in our community so we hope you like them too. It’s important to have an open mind when drinking juice because once you start to flood your body with nutrients your taste buds may adapt to the new flavors. If you are unable to drink certain juices, we will also have fruit and vegetables available to eat.

Q: Will I be hungry?
A: We monitor your consumption closely to ensure you are receiving enough so you do not go hungry. Our Reboots are designed to equal a healthy dose of calories (at least 1200 – 1800). If you feel hungry, you can drink more juice.

Q: I have diabetes or another medical condition. Will I have the support I need to cater to my health concern?
A: We will be asking you to fill out an online form prior to attending Camp Reboot listing any medical conditions and medications you are taking. Our nutritionist team will review and contact you if they recommend a modified Reboot that includes some eating, and will provide information on selecting appropriate foods in the Omega Café.

Q: What if I am allergic to a common ingredient in a juice?
A: Your Reboot is naturally free of common allergens like dairy, soy and wheat or gluten.  If you are allergic or think you may be allergic to any fruits or veggies, we may recommend that you replace some juices with Reboot appropriate food from the Omega Café instead.

Q: What if I don’t feel well?
A: We will have professionals onsite who will help you in those circumstances. You will also have plenty of time to rest, and the option to pass on one of our workshops and/or presentations.  However, we encourage you to attend as many sessions as possible.

Q: I’m not overweight, is Camp Reboot still for me?
A: We are welcoming everyone to Camp Reboot. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your health or you just want to regain energy and fill up on an abundance of nutrients, Camp Reboot is for you. We have found that a Reboot helps a wide variety of people on many different levels.

Q: How do I decide if I should juice only or juice and eat?
A: It is up to you and what you feel comfortable with. A Reboot is eating and juicing fruits and vegetables only. We have found that people lose weight faster when they juice only, but eating fruits and vegetables is extremely beneficial and you will still lose weight if you have weight to lose. The Omega Café will have Reboot friendly foods, clearly marked if you decide you’d like to eat.

Q: What do I do if I take prescription medications?
A: Please continue taking your medications as prescribed and ask your doctor if you need to make adjustments. For those of you taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol please avoid grapefruit – which we will not have in our juices. For those of you taking medications for thyroid conditions, you will need to avoid juicing or eating RAW cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, radish, cabbage as some of their phytonutrients can interfere with the medication.  As having these cooked is OK, our nutritionist may suggest a modified Reboot of juicing plus eating Reboot appropriate foods in the Omega Café.

Q: How do I register?
Register at the Omega Institute either online or register by telephone by calling Omega Registration at 877.944.2002.