Can I Use a Blender on a Reboot?

I’ve been quite busy with travels lately so hopefully you’ve been able to catch my last couple of Ask Joe Anything videos on my facebook page since I haven’t shared them here! I was finishing up the first leg of my Fully Charged Book Tour and now I’m back in Australia for a few weeks before heading back out for a second leg of the book tour. For a list of dates, check out the Fully Charged Book Tour schedule. Typically I let you know where this week’s Ask Joe Anything comes from and in this case, one comes from San Diego, CA and the other from Australia! To get the answer to the last couple week’s Ask Joe Anything questions, watch my videos or read them below. If you’ve missed the previous Ask Joe Anything series, you can check out the questions I’ve already tackled in the past eight weeks.

Week 9 in San Diego, CA

What do you eat now? I know you don’t juice all of the time!
I believe you can eat plants, animals, and processed foods — that’s what humans eat. I try to eat lots more plants than anything else. I try to get about 50% of my calories coming from plants. I’m not perfect, I don’t do it all the time but that’s what I aim for and I’ve been pretty good lately because I’m focused and bringing some mindfulness to it. I juice every day, very rarely do I not have a juice or a smoothie or use my knife and fork to cut up my fruits and veggies and nuts, beans and seeds. There you have it, that’s how I like to eat!

 Week 10 in Australia

Why are you always wearing the same clothes? 

This question came from someone in the crowd during my book tour that I thought was pretty funny, so I decided to answer it for you here too! 

I like to pack light! I actually have two blue shirts – same color, same size – just to keep things simple. I’ve been using this workout shirt for a while now. I rinse it in the tub in the hotel and with this new technology it dries overnight! So when you do as much traveling as I do, you have to pack light.

Can I do a juice Reboot using a blender?
If you’re trying to do a juice-only reboot, the answer is no, you can’t When you use a blender it’s essentially taking all the veggies and the fruits and outsourcing all of the chewing. So blending is much closer to food, whereas juicing is extracting the water out of the plant. There’s a big difference the way it affects your body on digestion. That doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your blender. I love my blender and love making smoothies. But if you’re doing a juice only Reboot, you need a juicer. However, you can do an eating Reboot as you know in our 10 Day Juice Plus Eating plan, and in that case a blender is perfect. Both are good, we’ve all got to work out ways to get more plants in our bodies and there are three ways we can do that — we can eat them, we can blend them and we can juice them. All three get the big thumbs up from Joe! You can learn more about the differences of Juicing vs. Blending in this helpful guide.


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