Losing Weight, Treated Differently

This week’s Ask Joe Anything comes to you from beautiful South Beach in Miami. I’m down here for the Reboot with Joe: Fully Charged Book Tour where I’m kicking off an event in Miami, then Tampa, followed by one in Orlando. Make sure you check out my full schedule to see where I’ll be over the coming weeks. To get the answer to this week’s Ask Joe Anything, watch my video or read the transcribed version below. If you’ve missed the previous Ask Joe Anything series, you can check out the questions I’ve already tackled in the past seven weeks.

Do any of your friends treat you any differently since you’ve lost weight?

Yes they did in the beginning. I was kind of this reminder of maybe what they’ve should have done and there was a little bit of push back early on. My advice to you is if you are planning on making big changes to just be aware that some of your friends may be a little bit taken aback by that and that’s okay. Maybe you can offer a nice way of helping them and supporting them. I think one of the big factors here is lets get off soap boxes. What we  want to do is lead by example and look after our own backyard. We don’t want to get up there and tell people what to do, we want to just do it. Remember for me, getting off the medication was fantastic and my friends do treat me differently in that way in that they are very supportive and loving and very happy that I am no longer sick and that’s a positive thing. When it comes to someone who has lost a lot of weight, and they’ve got friends who are heavy they can feel a little bit dejected. So I think the idea is to be a little sensitive to that and be aware of it and offer the hand to help them.


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