Am I A Failure If I Eat On My Reboot?

My latest Ask Joe Anything comes to you from the beautiful Montreal in Canada where I spent the last week continuing my Reboot with Joe: Fully Charged Book Tour. I’m heading to Atlanta tonight so if you’re in the area, come say hi (full details here).  I’m sharing this week’s Ask Joe Anything video so you can find out what it means if you eat fruits and vegetables during a juice only Reboot. Hint: There is no failure! Get all the details by watching the video or reading my answer below. You can submit your question for the next Ask Joe Anything by sharing it in the comment section below or ask me on social media using #AskJoeAnything. If you’ve missed the previous Ask Joe Anything series, you can check out the questions I’ve already covered in the past 15 weeks.


Did you cheat or slip up or eat anything on your 60 Day Reboot? I’m asking because I’m on a Reboot and have had a few bites of pineapple and cucumber and am wondering if that’s okay?
I gotta tell ya, honestly over my grandmother’s grave, I never had anything other than fresh juice for those 60 days. I didn’t eat anything, I juiced the entire time.

Now, just because you have in your words “slipped up”, I wouldn’t’ call it slipping up. I call it “A-okay”. The question comes down to is it okay to eat fruits and vegetables on a Reboot? Of course it’s okay. You dont’ have to do what I did. My mission for Rebooting is you can juice or you can eat or you can blend, and that’s really what a Reboot is — it’s getting back to plants for a set period of time. But I want you to be aware that if you use a blender or eat the produce, you’re putting the whole plant, the fiber and all,  in your body and that needs to be digested. Since it needs to be digested it means you’re going to get hungry. The idea of juicing is to take us back in time to the idea of famine where there was nothing around and we were just drinking water for a period of time when food wasn’t available.  So what’s the best thing for us if we’re going to create our own nutritional famine?  Micronutrient water which comes from plants. When you blend or eat or chew, you’re effectively having the whole plant and your body says hold on there’s no more famine, there’s a feast and that will make you more hungry. So that’s the only downside, but otherwise it’s all positive and it all comes down to trying to figure out valuable ways that we can nourish our body with more fruits and vegetables in the system.


Note: Joe completed his 60 day Reboot under strict medical supervision. We offer our 5, 10 and 15 day plans for free on our site, however our 30 and 60 day plans are restricted to a Guided Reboot, as we recommend anyone completing a Reboot longer than 15 days to have medical supervision.