Areaka’s Working Mom Life Gets a Reboot

Areaka Jewell already had a lot on her plate. Mother of two small children, working full-time and traveling for her job made juicing seem impossible. But after she lost a close friend to cancer, she felt like it was time to take action and put her own health first. After completing her 30-Day Guided Reboot, she’s lost 10 pounds, improved her energy and gained a whole new sense of clarity and well-being.*



  • I lost 10 pounds*
  • All of my clothing is loose on me
  • Improved mental clarity*
  • Better digestion*
  • I’m much more hydrated
  • Shiny hair*
  • Healthy nails*
  • Clear, glowing skin*

Why I Rebooted: To improve my overall health

After I lost a good friend to cancer, I decided to improve my own health and well-being.

I had heard about the Guided Reboot from another friend. I knew it was going to be challenging. I am a full-time working mother, so I was juicing the night before to get me through the workday, on top of preparing regular meals for my two small children.

It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

I didn’t let my schedule get in the way of my health

I learned to be very adaptable to make the program work for me. I was traveling two out of the four weeks of my Reboot. I packed my juicer, flexible cutting mats and knives. I made the juice in my hotel room and then pack it in a small cooler to take to the meetings and conferences I was attending.

I didn’t want the uncertainty of access to refrigerators on sites, to keep me from juicing. I even took pre-made juice into restaurants when eating out with co-workers.

More benefits than just weight loss

During my 30-Day Guided Reboot, I lost 10 pounds.* It was enough in inches that all my clothing was loose on me.

In addition, I now have loads of energy and little to no fatigue. I have improved mental clarity, good digestion, healthy hydration, shiny hair and nails, and clear, glowing skin to name a few!

My most surprising result? Mental clarity.

I always associated what I consumed with physical well-being, not mental. Before starting the Guided Reboot, I was very fatigued and had trouble concentrating and forgetting things.

During and after the Reboot, I found a renewed sense of self and mental clarity.

The Reboot helped me get a handle on emotional eating

One of the hardest things about my Reboot was overcoming my emotional hunger for food. Before, I would turn to food for comfort whenever I would get stressed. But during the Reboot, I had to change this pattern. I was sticking to juice and dealing with my stress in new ways.

I had a couple lapses, but promptly picked myself back up and got back to juicing. I incorporated meditation and exercise, and both helped me through the otherwise stressful times.

My new healthy drinking habit

I drink a lot more water now. It is my go-to drink now instead of soda.

If my best friend were considering a Reboot, I would tell her this…

You will not be alone. There is a network of others like me who are there to help you every step of the way. The life changing benefits make every bit of the struggles worth it!