Are Nut Milks OK While Rebooting?

I’ve noticed many juicing programs offer nut milk as a nighttime treat to keep cravings at bay and to end the day with a healthy treat. They are often homemade recipes made from almonds, coconut, cashews, or macadamia nuts with the addition of natural sweeteners and spices.

The official Reboot program includes fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, a small amount of healthy oil and a protein powder that is plant based, so drinking nut milk is considered a modified Reboot. In certain circumstances, we may recommend adding in 1 tablespoon of chia seeds or flaxseed meal to help with satiety and bowel motions. Other healthy Reboot additions are herbal teas, filtered water, naturally flavored water, coconut water and vegetable broth.

We highly recommend not consuming nut milks if you are doing your very first Reboot or if you are committing to a shorter Reboot. Adding a nut milk can be a great choice for extended Reboots, if it helps to keep you on track and committed or if you have completed a few Reboots before and you wish to add these in.

The positives of adding nut milks to your Reboot:

  • The addition of a nut milk offers a delicious, easy and low calorie treat that naturally contains protein and healthy fats.
  • Nut milks can help to keep you satisfied and on track.
  • It breaks up the juice a little and keeps it more interesting and versatile.

(I highly recommend vegetable broth for this very reason because it helps to maintain healthy sodium levels and electrolytes).

Making your own is ideal rather than buying store bought nut milks that often contain very little nuts and can contain some not-so-ideal ingredients such as carrageen, stabilizers, emulsifiers, added sugar and other undesirable ingredients. You can read more in my article on the issues with store bought nut milks.

The negatives of adding nut milks to your Reboot:

  • Adding a nut milk may for some possibly slow down the health changes and weight loss particularly if the additional sweeteners are too high.
  • Food intolerances and/or allergies to nuts that may not have been identified and may continue to cause symptoms.

Nuts are high on the list of worldwide food allergens. One of the benefits of a Reboot is that you eliminate many food groups for a set period of time, and in this time possible food intolerances and allergens are eliminated. As you slowly transition into eating a healthy diet, adding in each food group slowly, it can be a valuable time to evaluate what foods may not be agreeing with you and possibly causing health symptoms that have resolved during your Reboot. Read more on the benefits of a Reboot as an elimination diet.

Adding in another juice instead of a nut milk is ideal as it contains the high volume of antioxidants, plant compounds and other nutrients that support good health and contribute to many positive health changes that are often seen while Rebooting. A nut milk does not contain anywhere near the same nutrient and plant compound level.

If you were to choose a nut milk try one that is homemade and naturally low in a natural sweetener.

Some great homemade nut milk recipes:

If you choose to purchase store bought nut milks, then try looking for the highest protein and fat content or the highest in nut percentage content. Also look for products that do not contain added flavors, carrageenan or sugar.