8 Signs Your Body Needs a Reboot

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A Reboot offers you the chance to super boost your nutrient intake with loads of micronutrients, antioxidants and powerful plant compounds that offer rejuvenate powers for a strong healthy immune system, improved energy levels and easy weight loss. The Reboot offers so many physical and mental benefits. We often like to share the benefits that a Reboot offers such as; weight loss, improved energy levels, improved digestion, reduced appetite, improved skin, hair and nail health and lots more. See here for more detail on the full benefits of a Reboot!

Our bodies unfortunately can get bogged down with unhealthy lifestyle factors that may contribute to poor health. A busy lifestyle, quick pre-made and processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, exposure to environmental pollutants, stress, poor sleep and lack of exercise can all contribute to feeling unwell, sluggish and tired.

It’s very important to know when it’s time to shape up and give yourself a much needed healthy pick-me-up to get back on track and improve your health and well-being. So here is a list of important health signs that indicate it’s time to make some valuable changes.

Signs that you need to do a Reboot:

  1. Tired and Lethargic
    This can be a strong indicator that all things are not as they should be if this is a frequent occurrence. Fatigue that is not corrected with a good night’s sleep can continue on indefinitely. A Reboot is an excellent opportunity to enhance your energy levels and to experience a pep me up! Here are 14 tips to get the best night’s sleep.
  2. Bowel Disturbances
    If you have been experiencing any digestive upsets where there is repeated flatulence, wind, discomfort, constipation, diarrhea and/or reflux, it may be an excellent time to give your digestive system a break and go back to a very basic fruit and vegetable plan (aka, a Reboot). Often during a Reboot people will experience digestive improvements with the support of a transition out dietary plan. A Reboot can be a great way to uncover any possible food intolerances that may be contributing to your poor digestive health. This can be especially evident during the transitioning out phase post-Reboot, which can be a great elimination & rechallenge plan!
  3. Skin Breakouts, Disorders and Rashes
    Our skin is an excellent indicator of our general health, it’s our largest organ and it’s on the outside. Hydration, antioxidants and carotenoid pigments are all evident on the face and skin. Many Rebooters let us know how much better their complexion looks and feels. Check out Kathlyn’s story of success with her skin after Rebooting.
  4. Brain Fog & Poor Memory
    If your brain is feeling foggy, a Reboot can help your mind clear up! This is due to the hydration that is combined with the nutrient loading that occurs with juicing. It’s been shown in studies that fresh juice may help to improve blood circulation to the brain thus supporting clearer thoughts.
  5. Excess Weight & Sluggish Weight Loss
    Give your body an unexpected nutrient and antioxidant push combined with a reduction in calories. This combination will kickstart the weight loss cycle while also setting you up for a more successful healthier weight loss plan by re-educating your palate, resetting your hunger gauges and reducing your cravings.
  6. Headaches
    Frequent headaches can be a valuable sign that you’re in need of a good antioxidant health program. Headaches can be caused from dehydration, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, processed foods, allergies and stress. Committing to a Reboot will shift all of these causes and get you back into a healthy place.
  7. Aches/Pains and Stiffness
    Unfortunately, people often experience aches and pains in their joints, muscles and sometimes even in their bones. This is a generalised sign of systemic inflammation and it can be concerning. Once people start the juice program these types of aches and pains will reduce and in many cases completely disappear. This is due to the very high intake of antioxidants and other plant compounds that helps to fight inflammation. Here is more on foods that help fight pain.
  8. Immune Disorders
    Allergies, chemical and food sensitivities, autoimmune disease conditions and getting sick too frequently. These are all indications that you need to work on making some permanent changes as Joe and Phil did for their urticaria skin condition. Plant nutrients support the immune system in every way by reducing excess inflammatory reactions, supporting white blood cell activity against pathogens and supporting a healthy balance. Studies show that calorie restriction and fasting can revitalise the immune system.

It’s important to bear in mind that often in the first few days of a Reboot, symptoms can initially worsen followed by resolution and large improvements. Find out more information on why a Reboot can make things worse before they get better. It’s also important to understand why the first few days of a Reboot can be the toughest.

You can get going with one of our life-changing Guided Reboot Plans.