7 {More} Reasons to Reboot this Spring

Spring is one of my favorite times of year, especially after a long winter like we’ve had.  Feeling the warm sunshine, seeing vibrant colors, leaving the house with ease; not having to pile on layers and lace up snow boots are just a few of my many reasons!  With spring can come a sort of natural energy boost and the promise of summertime with long days at the beach ahead.  But winter is when comfy, cozy often means unwanted pounds show up, our  energy is zapped, and access to fresh, local produce is sparce.

Rebooting is a wonderful way to jumpstart all that spring and summer have to offer.  Here are 7 of the more reasons to Reboot this spring (in case you missed it last year, here are 14 reasons we have already given you!):

  1. Help Boost Your Happiness
    Winter-time blues, seasonal affective disorder and just being plain sick of the snow and ice can leave you feeling down.  While the sun is out, that may not be sufficient to break free of feeling blue.  Flooding your system with an abundance of plants, like fresh juice, and ridding your pantry and body of processed foods can help boost your mood.  Learn more about how a Reboot can make you happy.
  1. Perfect Time to Grow Your Own
    Spring planting season is here and at home we’ve been sprouting seeds indoors and are finally planting outside.  Gardening is a great tool during your Reboot because it’s good, low impact exercise, it’s cost and time saving, it’s easy and convenient access to delicious, organic ingredients for your juicer, AND it can be a positive and meditative time for you and your family. That’s a lot of benefits rolled up into one activity!  I love being able to go outside and pick fresh herbs and veggies to add to my juice whenever I need to.  When you’re Rebooting you need a good amount of produce, and having it cheap, organic and ready to go right in your kitchen or just outside your front door is super helpful for staying on track.  Here’s a step-by-step guide to starting your garden: Step 1: A Kitchen Garden.
  2. Energized to Lose Weight
    Spring is when you really want to get out.  The sun is shining longer so we tend to be out and about, more active, later into the evening.  While trying to lose the dreaded winter weight gain, it can be rough to feel energetic, if you’re going about it with the usual restrictive-diet methods.  Rebooting helps promote weight loss and energy levels, because while you’re consuming less calories than a typical Western diet, you’re also consuming far more nutrients like vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.  Check out these 7 Green Superfoods for Energy that are perfect for your Reboot.
  1. Naturally Shift Your Cravings
    Rebooting is all about fruits, veggies and hydration; three things that can help to shift cravings away from sugary or heavy foods to lighter, healthier options.  In the spring, our bodies naturally start to crave these lighter, more cooling foods so while you may not desire a cold juice in the dead of winter, a sunshine-filled day with warmer temps may be a different story. If you’re experiencing cravings for unhealthy foods, learn how to avoid those lingering cravings.
  1. Squelch Pesky Seasonal Allergies
    Consuming more fruits and veggies, and less processed or sometimes dairy foods can help to lessen those nagging seasonal allergies.  This season, try skipping the over-the-counter medication aisle and opt for the produce aisle instead! It’s proven that fruits and veggies can help protect us against seasonal allergies, so give it a try.
  1. Show Some Skin
    With warmer days and summer on the way, that means less clothes are needed to cover us up, which means more skin is showing.  Consuming vibrant, colorful fruits and vegetables can help promote healthy, glowing skin.  In fact, improvement in skin is one of the top reported benefits of a Reboot. And you don’t just have to ingest plant foods to get the benefit, try using them topically too.  We have tons of DIY edible skin care recipes including a cooling cucumber pad, invogorating face masks and much more. You can aslo check out this Carrot Apple Lemon Brightening Face Scrub.
  1. Time to be Social and Lose Weight
    Social events are often at the root of sabotaging healthy eating goals.  Endless tables full of rich and sugary goodies, where the focus always seems to be on the food.  Springtime means more parties, graduation events and summer’s nonstop BBQs.  Joining a Guided Reboot this spring can give you the support and skills to be social and lose weight. You’ll get to meet and connect with others sharing similar goals and many group members end up staying in touch long term or even meeting up in person.  Plus a coach to guide you through all the tough times and challenges, giving you skills you can take with you for a long term lifestyle change towards wellness.

If you’re interested in Rebooting, make sure you check out all of our Rebooting plans to decide which one is right for you.