14 Events in 11 Cities in 20 Days Complete

Earlier this week I finished my first leg of the Reboot with Joe Fully Charged Book Tour. It was a great honor to give a talk at Macy’s in Philadelphia, PA and in Herald Square in New York City! Thanks to all that came out. It was the perfect way to finish this first leg that consisted of 20 days and 14 events in 11 cities! All done! The second leg is Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Ireland and the UK! Dates are coming soon! There is also a third leg of this tour that will see me in 12 more states in the US. and I’ll be releasing those dates and locations soon. Sign up to my newsletter at  to be the first to know!

Here’s a look at my Macy’s events…first stop was Philly!

Philadelphia, PA – Macy’s

Waiting for the event to start!

I was juicing flowers since the Flower Show was going on at the same time as our event. How cool!

Thumbs up or down kids? Most of them had their thumbs up except for one.. stay tuned for the video we have on what we did to turn that around!

Mariyana Lost 40# in 63 days, today was the final day to end her reboot! Welcome to plant based eating now Mariyana!

Tom is on day 23 and lost 44 pounds and has been able to get off his prednisone!! Congrats Tom!

John lost 40 pounds and was able to significantly lower his blood sugar, and Jenny lost 30 pounds, and her father lost 50 pounds!… Talk about ripple effect, when one person makes a change it inspires so many more! Keep up the great work guys!


New York, NY – Macy’s

If you remember from my first NYC event, success story  and photographer David Bergman took all of our photos, and we loved what we saw, so we asked him back. Thanks David!

Welcome Table

Great crowd came out for the event — over 60 people in the middle of the day on a Monday!

Crowd at Macys

Love the display that corresponded with the flower show.

Flower Show

I always love snapping photos with the guests.

Snapping Photos

David didn’t take these, but I wanted to include them to share the awesome success stories I met!

Patty here had high blood pressure, horrible acid reflux and after she did a 60 day Reboot she saw high levels of improvement and is off medications!

Success Story 1

Here with Laurie Gallon whjo is connected to so many other Rebooters I have met all over the country. Very cool to see how they all support each other.

Success Story 2


Thanks everyone!! Juice ON!