10 Reboot Mistakes and How to Fix Them

We often talk about what you should do when Rebooting but we rarely discuss what NOT to do and what common slip-ups can derail your efforts.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t failure! Even if you only made it through 3 days, that’s still a win. But if your goal is to complete a 5-, 10-, 15-day or longer Reboot, you can set yourself up for success by thwarting these common pitfalls.

1. Not enough preparation

A successful Reboot involves some shopping, prep work and organization. If you don’t keep yourself prepped and on a schedule, you may not drink your juice on time, which could lead to hunger, which can lead to less-than-healthy choices.

Fix it: Prepare a day or two ahead with produce shopping. Make an extra juice or two for the freezer, and know where your closest juice bar is for those emergency juices.

2. Skipping juices

It might seem like you could lose more weight by skipping juices, but it’s the opposite. Due to the lack of calories and nutrients, your cravings and appetite can increase. The cravings can be so strong that you end up wanting to eat all the wrong foods.

Fix it: Keep to drinking your juices on time to encourage those wonderful energy levels and feelings of contentment.

3. Not getting enough variety

I understand why people tend to make the same juices over and over, but it’s also really important not to get bored and discouraged by drinking the same juice all of the time. Variety means you’re getting a wide variety of nutrients and important plant compounds.

Fix it: Keep it interesting. Try new recipes and rotate your produce and/or follow one of our wonderful plans.

4. Not drinking enough water

Often when you drinking the recommended juices per day you may then not feel thirsty. But Rebooters who don’t keep on their water consumption may experience lethargy, fatigue, muscle aches, muscle pains, hunger, cravings and headaches.

Fix it: Work on drinking 64 to 96 oz (total per day) of water in-between your juices. This can be consumed as an herbal tea, naturally flavored water, vegetable broth or plain water.

5. Overdoing fruit-based juices

Drinking too many fruit-heavy juices can spike your blood sugar, making you feel jittery, or giving you a short energy boost, but a fast crash. Opt for recipes that include mainly vegetables, with a small amount of fruit for lower sugar overall, and slower delivery of those sugars to your blood stream. Often as people progress into the Reboot they find that they prefer the less sweet juices anyway.

Fix it: We suggest mainly consuming juices of 80% vegetables and 20% fruit. For some great savory juices, check out: Gazpacho Juice, Bloody Mary Juice, Red Hot Juice, Low Sugar Lemon-Ginger Green Juice, Low Sugar Green Juice and Spicy Tomato Juice.

6. Not eating whole fruits and vegetables

We often tell Rebooters if they really want to eat something, and they feel the need to consume whole foods while Rebooting, then go right ahead. We have a beautiful array of smoothie recipes, soups, salads and other 100% fruit and vegetable meals to enjoy.

Fix it: Eating Reboot-friendly foods can help avoid eating right off the plan such as consuming unhealthy foods that may further derail your Reboot success.

7. Failure to launch

We could spend a whole post just talking about this: Many hopeful Rebooters never really start in the first place due to fear of failure. Once they do start, most are surprised at how easy it is, and say “Why was I so anxious?”

Fix it: Don’t over-think it. Take the plunge and talk each concern out with our reboot community or join our fantastic Guided Reboots to get the support you need.

8. Deprivation drama

When we spend too much time thinking of all the food we can’t have, we only make things harder for ourselves. Remember it’s important to know what you want from this experience, what you will gain and what you will win!

Fix it: Focus on all that you CAN drink and eat that will nourish your body from head to toe. Focus on the GAINS!

9. Not getting back on the wagon

If you slip up—don’t beat yourself up! Resolve to do better the next day and get right back on the horse.

Fix it: Avoid the all or nothing mentality. This is a journey, and if you take a misstep, you can still get back on the right path. Renew your resolve to stick to the plan the next day.

10. I tried before and failed

As Joe says,you only way you fail is to give up on yourself and the health you deserve. Practice creates success! If you have tried before and it didn’t go as planned, then you can learn from this experience and try again.

Fix it: List the reasons why you think your prior Reboots didn’t go as expected, and work on solutions. Our Reboot Community, Guided Reboots and our Ask the Nutritionist columns offer a wealth of experience to help you through those tough times.