Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Reboot Right for Me?

Who can do a Reboot?

Who should not participate in a Reboot?

I have a health condition. Will a Reboot help me?

What if I take prescription medications?

Can I Reboot while pregnant or breastfeeding?

What if I have food allergies?

I follow a vegan/vegetarian/paleo diet. Can I still Reboot?

What are the age requirements for a Reboot?

Preparing to Reboot

Which juicer do I buy? Which one did Joe use in the film?

How long should I Reboot?

Where can I find Joe’s 60-Day Reboot plan?

Where can I find support during my Reboot?

How often can I Reboot?

I need to travel/I work night shifts. How can I keep Rebooting?

Can I Reboot on a budget?

How much money should I budget for juicing ingredients?

I can’t find some of the juicing ingredients in the recipes. Are there substitutions?

Can I use my blender and still get the same results as juicing?

Weight Loss

How much weight will I lose during a Reboot?

Why do people experience weight loss?

I don’t need to lose weight. Can I still do a Reboot?

Am I just losing water weight during the Reboot?

If I lose a lot of weight during and after my Reboot, will I be left with excess skin?

I’ve stopped losing weight! What does this mean?

I’m not losing any weight. What am I doing wrong?

Eating and Drinking

How much juice should I drink when doing a Reboot?

Do I only drink the Mean Green juice?

Can I chew gum while on a Reboot?

Can I drink coffee while on a Reboot?

Can I drink tea on a Reboot?

Can I drink alcohol on a Reboot?

Why can’t I smoke while on a Reboot?

I’m drinking all the juices, but I’m still hungry.

I’m getting bored with juicing. Can I change the recipes that are in the plans?

What should I do if the food on the eating phases of the meal plans is too much/too little for me?

Can I use frozen fruits and vegetables?

Is it possible to drink too much juice or eat too many fruits and vegetables?

You recommend coconut water. Why?

What if I don’t like coconut water? Can I use a substitute?

Are soy milk, rice milk and almond milk okay to use in my juice?

Making and Storing Juice

I don’t have a juicer. Can I use a blender instead?

Can I use a NutriBullet or Ninja?

Peels and stems: lose them or juice them?

Can I drink pre-bottled juices? If so, which ones?

How should I store my juice?

How long does fresh juice keep?

Can I freeze my juice?

What do I do with the pulp?

Juicing and Nutrition

Where will I get my protein while juicing?

How will I get fiber while juicing?

Should I take supplements or vitamins?

Aren’t juices too sugary?

Reboot Side Effects

I have a headache. How do I get rid of it?

Why am I hungry?

Why am I feeling cold on my Reboot and what can I do about it?

I have leg/muscle cramps. What should I do?

My poo is green! What’s going on?

Why is my pee pink? Is this normal?

I feel light-headed and dizzy. What should I do?

Why does my mouth feel weird?

My hair is falling out! What can I do?

My skin is very dry. What should I do?

My bowel movements have become smaller & less frequent during my extended Reboot. Is that normal?

I’m constipated. What should I do?

My menstrual cycle has become irregular. Is there something wrong?

Every time I start juicing I experience symptoms of the common cold. Why is that?

I have nausea/stomach aches/heartburn. What should I do?

Is vomiting normal?

I feel weak and have low energy. What should I do?

Why am I bloated and putting on weight?

After a Reboot

How do I know when it’s time to transition out of my Reboot?

What kind of foods do I eat after my Reboot?

How do I keep the weight off after a Reboot?

Guided Reboot Programs

How does a Guided Reboot work?

Who should not participate in a Guided Reboot?

I have type 1 diabetes. Can I participate in the Guided Reboot for Diabetes?

I have a hyperthyroid condition. Can I participate in the Guided Reboot for Thyroid?

I’ve signed up for the Guided Reboot. Now what?

I cannot attend a live webinar. Will they be recorded?

Why is there a fee for Guided Reboot Programs?

Can I enroll in the Guided Reboot if I’m outside of the USA?

What do I need to participate in the program?

What can I expect in terms of time commitment?

None of the dates posted work with my schedule. Can I be alerted of future dates?

What do I need in order to participate in the webinars?

I have a social event/vacation/party right in the middle of my Guided Reboot. Can I still do it?

Is the size of each group limited?

Do you offer a waiting list for Guided Reboot sessions that are full?

Can I join a Guided Reboot that has already started?

I’m registered for a Guided Reboot but something came up and I can’t participate. What should I do?

Can I give a Guided Reboot as a gift?

Reboot with Joe Store

What is the difference between your recipe books?

Do you offer digital versions of your books and movies?

Are Joe’s movies, books and apps available in other languages?

What are your shipping and return policies?

Which books contain Reboot instructions and plans?

Do the books and the apps have nutrition content?