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Domenic Savino

Domenic Savino, yoga instructor at Yoga Vida and flight attendant, shares his best advice for incorporating yoga when traveling.

Why is yoga important for those of us who are always on the road?
When we travel we want to stay at ease and grounded regardless of the changing environments, time zone and meal plans. Your yoga practice will remind you how stimulating it is to the mind, body and most importantly the breath. Traveling can cause physical and mental anxiety and the most simples, effective solution can be found on your mat just doing the practice.

What is your favorite go-to healthy snack you reach for when you are traveling?
I try to snack on hydrating fruits and veggies. Cashew and pistachios are my favorite.

What’s the most important part to focus on during yoga for someone who travels often?
Control of breath in order to correctly control your body’s energy. Focus on the breath through the movement, controlling the senses and by not allowing distractions to interrupt the practice.

What’s the best stretch to do after you’ve been sitting a long time?
Any yoga pose will give the benefits after a long flight, it counteracts everything stressful and uncomfortable an airplane can deliver. Focus on releasing pressure from swollen joints and improving blood flow to allow better circulation.

If someone plans to do yoga in their hotel room to jumpstart their morning or after a long day, how long does he/she have to do it in order to feel the benefits?
Whatever time is available that day, any yoga is better than no yoga. Just breathe.

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