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My name is Christine Cisneroz and I am one Day One of this amazing journey of the 60 Day Reboot Juice Fast.

I will be honest: I am hungry.

I have had three juices today already and I am a little sleepy and hungry. I will go and make a nice veggie juice after typing this.

I am also feeling kind of emotional. I want to cross this river quick, but I know that is not possible.

I see how I have been willing to compromise my health for a little fun on the plate, (actually a lot), and I see this has been my way of compensating for all of the things I might love to do, or enjoy consistently if I was not overweight and unhealthy.

This mode of operation has led to only more things and activities leaving my life because I am not fit to do them.
I am changing my subconscious ideas about how I can’t do things because I am unfit to the truth that I am unfit because I have these ideas of lack.

It is time for me to, as Joe says, become a doer, not just a knower. As I have an extensive knowledge of what makes good health, I have fallen into the trap of thinking that thinking is doing. I am ready to live differently about that one.

I have been asking Joe to be on my radio show, but I am wondering if there is anyone who wants to come on and talk about their experience with their unfolding into the health they were intended to have. Anyone?

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